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Avocado Truffles

Okay everyone. The recipe that so many people have been asking for!!

Avocado Truffles.

These Truffles can easily be made Keto, Whole 30, Paleo etc.

I am basically going to lay out how I make my truffles. Once you start to make these truffles you will see that it is so easy to make adaptations and versions of this recipe. I will be honest I almost didn't share this recipe with hopes to package and sell them someday. But honestly they freeze horribly and we all know how avocados don't last long. So with that being said just remember that these are not something that you can keep for a long time. They are literally made of avocados and although they last longer if you refrigerate them they are also completely free of preservatives. I hope you see where I am going here folks.

They last in your fridge for about one week. I do not recommend eating them after that but to each their own.

I made a dark chocolate sea salt version because dark chocolate sea salt is my absolute favorite thing on the face of this earth.

IF YOU DO NOT LIKE DARK CHOCOLATE DO NOT PANIC. The fat in the avocado and the vanilla will actually make it more of a milk chocolate taste. You also do not have to add the sea salt on top. I love mine with orange zest or just with lots of chocolate on the top. This is truly a healthy dessert for all types of chocolate lovers.

Basic Ingredients ( remember you can switch this up) :

1 whole avocado

1 tsp of pure Vanilla extract or all of the seeds from one vanilla bean pod.

2 cups organic dark chocolate chips or cacao chips

Opt ins:

dash of cinnamon

dash of orange zest

sea salt

PB powder.



1. Mash your avocado up ( really really smooth almost like you are making guacamole)

2. In a separate glass or microwavable bowl place melt 1 cup of the dark chocolate in 15 second intervals stirring in between to avoid burning.

3. While your chocolate is melting add your vanilla to your mashed avocado.

4. When your chocolate is completely melted slowly add the whole bowl of melted chocolate to your avocado mash. Make sure to completely scrape your bowl.

5. Completely fold the chocolate into the mashed avocado.

6. Allow the mixture to chill and slightly harden a bit in the fridge.

7. When it has cooled and stiffened but is still pliable take it out and roll it into little one inch balls.

8. This step comes with lots of options. In my instagram story highlights you will see I coated them in coco powder. But in one of the picture above you will see that I melted some more dark chocolate chocolate, and sprinkled them with flakey sea salt. I have also just drizzled dark chocolate over each one.

9. Lastly stick the finished truffles back into the fridge to store. Serve them after a nice meal on a relaxing summer night!

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