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Halloween Board

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

Throwing a halloween party this year? Want to be extra festive? Please your adult guests or children guests? Boy oh Boy do I have a treat for you!!

I am going to lay out exactly everything that I put in this super fun Halloween board! Here are the 10 steps for the perfect halloween board!

1. First thing is first. PUMPKIN:

You have to have pumpkins! I got mine at Albertsons for around 1 dollar per pumpkin. That is a pretty good deal if you ask me. Plus when I was finished with the board I just re-used them for decoration in my kitchen!

2. The BRAIN! :

I have seen people do versions of this with gummy worms, twirlers, etc. But in my opinion nothing works better than a head of purple cabbage sliced directly through!

3. Candy and Cookies and other Kid Snacks:

They are a must have! It is an automatic kid pleaser! It is cheap! And ITS HALLOWEEN PEOPLE! It wouldn't be a true halloween board with out some halloween candy! I prefer to buy my halloween candy at Wallgreens and Amazon. For some reason they usually have the best deals! and If you live in the bakersfield area there are great candy deals at Grocery Outlet! I have linked the specific candies that I used and why I decided on those candies!

- Cookies: I used these "My Dad's cookies". I mainly picked them because they are black and white so they looked really cool! But a neat Bonus was that they are nut free, dairy free, Kosher, and Gluten free.

- Candies:

Redvines (obviously they are the best so I had to include them).

Ferraro Rocher ( because they are fancy and you always need a little class).

Reese's Pieces ( because they are delicious and just happen to be perfect fall colors).

- Savory kid snacks:

Cheezits ( extra toasty ones because if you haven't tried them out you are missing out). They dont always have them in the store! I only ever find them at Target or on Amazon.

Parmesan Gold fish ( mark my words these are the best. I will fight you if you think other wise. Plus they add a lighter color that isnt orange.)

Pretzels ( kid friendly and adds something perfectly salty)

4. The COFFIN & other cheeses:

You obviously need some adult friendly cheeses on your board. I used MUNSTER Cheese BECAUSE PUNSSSSS!!!! and sharp cheddar because it is a crowd pleaser! I also Included a peppery gouda from Trader Joes because I needed a little spice on this board!


So basically I just a standard Brie wedge and cut straight across the bottom and top corners.

This creates the look of a coffin! Then I took a felt edible ink pen (which I will link) and wrote“ RIP” on the top! Literally so easy and completely chances the feel of the board.

AND THATS IT!!! So easy and such a crowd pleaser for kids and adults!

Please try this out and let me know if you guys have different ideas to put on it!

Thats my appetite for HALLOWEEN!

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