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Meet Avery


Hello yall! 

My name is Avery Andrew and I was born and raised in Bakersfield California. I grew up with a family of Farmers and Ranchers in the Central Valley. I appreciate good ingredients because I know the stories of the hard working men and women who culptivate those ingredients. I traveled down to the Bayou and graduated from Louisiana Culinary Institute. I became the head Pastry Chef at Louisiana's largest Country Club. I guess you can say that's where My love of good ingredients met the Soul of the South. After returning to Bakersfield I worked in prominent Restaurants and bakeries around town such as Sweet Surrender Bakery ( which was mentioned on food network and listed in O Magazine)  and Luigi's Restaurant and Delicatessen ( top rated restaurant in Bakersfield CA on Yelp).  I started my food Blog, Avery's Appetite, in 2017 and it has grown to almost 20 thousand followers on Instagram and over 100 thousand monthly viewers on Pinterest. I continue to grow my following and market online, while also teaching other companies and brands to profit from social media advertising.


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